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Painting in progress

Painting in progress
Photo by Frances Hatch

I love paint and ink and oil pastels and crayons and charcoal
I love orange-pink next to turquoise
I love huge bunches of dahlias spilling out of a vase that's just a bit too small
I love sunlight shining through the leaves of a beech tree on an autumn morning
I love rainbows
I love the smell of refreshed earth in the woods after it's rained
I love the way light splits into a spectrum when it shines on an oily puddle
I love glitter
I love felt tip pens arranged according to their colours
I love sorting a pile of mixed up Lego® bricks into their separate colours
I love the taste of a Lord Lambourne apple picked just ripe off the tree
I love the way old paint peels on a wall or door
I love the way colours fade as they age
I love weathered and time worn things and surfaces
I love looking at the iridescent feathers of a rook
I love the way a dragonfly swivels its head
I love making a mess and scribbling
I love wandering around an art shop looking at rows of colours and stacks of paper waiting to be played with
I love holding a new sketchbook in my hands wondering what I'm going to fill it with
I've loved all these things since childhood and over the last few years I've been reminding myself how much I love them
I've been drawing for a number of years now and painting for a bit less. I've taken classes with a variety of tutors and have recently decided to branch out alone to find my own way of doing things. I'm excited at the thought of discovering how I do things and hope to share my discoveries via my website over the coming months and years.

Aged 5 1/2 - A Little Bird in a Boat

Aged 5 ½ - A Little Bird in a Boat

Hannah aged 5 1/2 and friend

Hannah aged 5 ½ and friend

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